As a team with many years of experience in web development, WebMaisternia has a lot of own developed solutions and ready-to-use modules. This allows us to save the time of our clients and achieve the best results in the shortest terms.

Content Management Systems / CMS TYPO3

Almost every web site should be easily customizable and manageable by site administrator. Thus, almost every site starts from CMS!

A Content Management System (CMS) provides you with the possibility to professionally and efficiently design and organize the content on your website yourself, without the need to hire a web agency.

The main benefits of such solutions are: 

  • content of the site is stored independently from design and programming code

  • site and its content can be easily maintained without specific programming skills.

We have many year’s experience in using of one of the most high-end CMS – TYPO3.

TYPO3 ( - is the most successful Web Content Management System on the Open Source market segment. It offers a lot of interesting and useful features, and there are multiple examples of its using for building various sites in many languages with any functionality.

Full list of TYPO3 benefits and features can be found here. We offer complete integration of TYPO3 into your web site, customization, module installation and writing of new ones according to your wishes and requirements. We also offer TYPO3 training courses for your employees.

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Upon client’s request we can create or reconstruct a web site developed using lower level CMSs like  Drupal, Joomla, etc.

Online shop (e-commerce) / Magento Commerce

You have decided to kick off your own business on the Internet or attract customers from around the world? We will help you by developing unique online business solutions best tailored for your business objectives and expectations.

What we offer you is an effective tool that will allow you to raise your business to a brand new level by expanding your product markets, increasing orders processing speed, and promoting your trade mark.

A typical online store usually offers the following functionality:

  • flexible configuration of multilevel product catalogue

  • specific product presentation page with description of its characteristics and features

  • shopping basket and ordering, pricing, and delivery systems

  • integration with payment systems

  • exchange (export-import) with other business applications

  • multilingual and multicurrency support

We can develop both CMS TYPO3 integrated or specialized e-commerce solution based online store.

One of such specialized solutions for e-commerce is Magento Commerce system. This system allows implementing your most demanding requirements in the filed of e-commerce.

Magento Commerce – is a cutting edge Open Source technology for creating high end web shops with complete set of functions. If necessary we can develop additional custom modules with specific functionality to meet your individual business requirements.

Magento Commerce system ensures that even an inexperienced user will easily find the necessary product and order it. The same is true for the administrative part of Magento Commerce. E-commerce site owner can manage his clients effortlessly.

This system is optimized for Google (and other search engines) indexing making your products easy to find on the Internet. Correctly tuned Magento Commerce can bring you hundreds of potential clients. Multilingual support allows promoting your products on international market.

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Custom solutions

Usually needs and expectations of our client go far beyond a simple CMS web site.

Custom tailored web software is what we deliver.

We develop customized applications to meet all of your requirements. The custom software we develop is highly integrable with other systems (e.g. LDAP, mail services, online stores, etc.) and projects.

If you know exactly what you want to get - we will gladly implement your idea. We offer a complete set of programming solutions for your web site. We have broad experience in development of various web systems, portals, and e-commerce solutions.

If you are not satisfied with your current web site, but do not know exactly how to improve it or how to implement some technology, we will help you by conducting analysis and consulting first. Our proposals of your site’s redesign and re-development will help you in taking your final decision.