Web promotion and Internet advertising

Finally you became a happy owner of a new web-site. However, this is not enough. What you need now is to inform other users, who are your potential customers about your site. We will do everything to make that happen.

There are many ways of web promotion. Our marketing analysts are expert in the latest online advertising methods and tools from direct mailing to high end multimedia presentation technologies and will choose and run the most effective advertising campaigns which best suits your expectations and budget.

To make your site popular and reimburse the expenses on its development it needs to be available for search on Internet search engines. The greatest advantage of Internet advertising is its interactivity – the user can immediately get acquainted with what is being advertised. The advertising campaign is developed individually based on the client’s needs and specific features of each project.

Advertising campaigns include:

  • site’s adaptation for search engine robots;

  • manual and automatic registration in subject directories and index search engines;

  • creation of banners and placing them on target sites with subject, regional, or time orientation on target audience;

  • registration in rating systems;

  • client receives statistical reports on the conducted advertising campaign;