Software Requirement & Planning

What do you expect from your online web site? What are the basic purposes of your internet activity and/or business? What do you aim to achieve with the help of your site?

We will help you answer these as well as many other questions.

Complete analysis of existing site, re-structuring and re-development proposals will help you in making the right choice for your business.

Based on our experience in IT technologies we will select the proper tool best fitting for your needs and costs.

Each of our projects starts from requirements definition. Development and implementation plans are analyzed and updated by experts.

Database Design and Performance Analysis

Broad experience in databases exploitation allows us to make database design according to the planed usage and future data size. Modeling is performed using professional tools and methodologies.

We also conduct live web site and/or database performance analysis based on which redevelopment or/and reconfiguration proposals are made.

Support & Training

The common practice of our business is to help our client by software implementation and exploitation.

Upon client’s request we can install and implement third party software on client’s hosting server.

Each software development process includes help support and user trainings if needed. We support our products free of charge and unlimited in time.

We can also organize additional training courses for employees.