Host the site on our servers

Our clients are hosting their projects worldwide. We are helping them to deploy their sites anywhere. But if you choose our own hosting this will bring you a couple of bonuses including the following:

  • our hosting servers have identical software builds as development servers. So, you will be absolutely sure, that all developed features will work correctly with the same software;

  • we are always using the last patched versions of software, regardless of whether binary versions by vendor exist or not. We compile server software by ourselves and optimize it for our sites;

  • free of charge additional software for your site (banner network, counter, visiting statistical reports, etc);

  • user friendly e-mail or phone support service;

  • privacy of your data;

  • daily backups.

Domain name registration

Are you novice in domain name registration? We are helping our clients to select and register proper domain name.

We have own domain name services on several hosts and can configure primary and secondary DNS servers for your domain. These changes are free of charge.

System administration

You are an owner of large web programming complex and want to host it on a separate computer? You may always use dedicated server. We don't offer dedicated servers on our own resources. What we offer is the fulfillment of administrative functions of such server. We have broad experience in supporting of dedicated servers worldwide. We will also consult you in your decision on which server to choose.

We offer one-time setup of custom nonstandard software or complete support on regular basis.